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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

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From all the mail and revenge stories that I've been receiving it seems that I'm not the only one who's got a twisted sense of humour and a peverse sense of justice!

Isn't it great to know we're not alone :-)

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a couple of great revenge stories that have been sent in by your fellow members.

Story #1, sent in by Angela

I was hurt by a man really bad last year. I waited 6 months before doing anything, as I am a firm believer in revenge being served cold, and wanted him to think he'd gotten away with what he'd done to me.

He was married, (yes, my mistake for believing his BS, and I've taken full responsibility for my role in the affair) so after I caught him in a web of lies, I not only called his wife, and told her every detail of the 4 year afair, but I also wrote a 35 page book and included about 60 photos of the 2 of us, and sent it out to all of his friends, employers, co-workers, family members, his new girlfriend, and all of her family members, his rabbi, he's on the board of directors at the Jewish Community Center, so of course they all got it, and then when I found out that he was supposed to meet the govenor of Maryland, I sent him a copy too.

I also set up an email account at for anyone who wanted to contact me...LOL...

From the emails I received, everyone was glad to learn the truth about such a decietful person and people had made sure that the book had been passed around to 50+ professional people, and as it was a small town I could rest assured that he would never be looked at the same.... bet his next job interview was fun too... LOL (he always portrayed himself as such an upstanding member of his community... uh.... NOT anymore.... LOL )

He tried to sick his attorneys on me, but since everything I'd written was the truth, there was nothing he could do.... I LOVED IT!!!!!!

Story #2, sent in by Cherese

I actually did this to my ex husband while we were still married. I call it sweet revenge. A quick what happened: He cheated on me, and was stupid enough to confess.

I thought of the old saying 'kill them with kindness'. So I figured, if he couldn't keep his pants up away from home, then he shouldn't keep his pants up AT home. Thus, sweet revenge was born! Here's how to do it:

Find your favorite cheese cake recipe. But instead of the plain cheese cake, make the chocolate version. Use all the ingredients suggested in the recipe....except, replace the chocolate with chocolate flavored laxatives (the kind that look like chocolate bars). Melt the chocolate laxative down and mix into recipe as directed. Taste want to make sure that it has a regular sweet cheesecake taste to it.... if not add some sugar until you cant tell.....bake as directed.

Since I was still living with him at the time, I told him that I was on a diet and wouldn't be eating any sweets for a long while. I told him he could just have the whole cheese cake. Well, let me tell you he ate it for lunches and dinners, and had the shits for weeks!!! I laughed so hard, every time he had a piece.

He would say it tasted so good! And then 30 minutes later be would run to the toilet!!! Freakin hilarious!! Near the end of the week he said and I quote " Baby, I've had the runs for a week now and I cant figure out what's wrong." I said, " Aww, poor baby... eat another slice of cheese cake, it will make you feel better."


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Have you got a story of how you got your revenge? If so, why not share it with the rest of us - just send me an email to

Until the next time,


Topia - 2008-12-10 20:13:26

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Alice Bryer - 2008-12-31 16:59:15


Destiny - 2009-03-08 18:48:38

I have heard of the visine one, think I will use it one day....

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