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A Weedy Revenge Tactic

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Boy, have I had some recently!!!

For the first time in ages, I've managed to drag myself away from my keyboard and get back to doing some hands-on revenge for an old friend of mine.

And what a fantastic result!

To give you some background, let me briefly tell you about Claire and her ex Ryan. To cut a long story short, Claire had been living with Ryan for 4 years and during that time he used more and more marijuana, to the point where come Friday night he'd get so stoned that he was only back in the land of the living on Sunday afternoons.

Ryan kept borrowing money from Claire (which he never repaid) to pay for his weed and recently, he started to supply drugs in an attempt to fund his own habit.

The breaking point for Claire came when one of Ryans "customers" called round to pick up his order. Ryan was actually stoned on the sofa and Claire told this guy to go away.

Well, this person then punched Claire in the stomach and forced his way into their house looking for Ryan and his order.

When Ryan finally "sobered up" (or whatever the phrase is), he then blamed Claire for letting this guy in in the first place and allowing him to take all of Ryan's stash.

It also turned out, that Ryan was accepting "other forms of payment" from his female customers!

Fortunately, Claire moved out and got in touch with me :-)

Given Ryan's habit, the plan was easy.

When Ryan was out at work, I pulled up outside his house in a white van full of hired gardening equipment. I put up an a-frame advertising "Nick's Garden Services" and then proceeded to spend a couple of hours looking busy in this guy's garden.

What I was actually doing, was planting ver 100 marijuana seeds in various places around the garden.

Now, for the uninitiated, there is a reason that marijuana is called "weed" - because that is actually what it is, and it's very fast growing (especially with the amount of fertiliser I planted it with!)

I then packed up my tools and a-frame and drove home.

A couple of weeks later, I popped back round to check on progress and sure enough, the plants were growing very well.

I then waited a couple more weeks and then phoned the police and said that Ryan is growing and supplying marijuana.

Within a couple of days, the police turned up and found the plants growing in the garden. Spurred on by this, they then obtained a warrant and searched the house where, low and behold, they found a significant amount of weed.

Ryan was duly arrested and charged and even ended up losing his job.

The best thing about this revenge tactic is that Claire was long gone by the time this revenge tactic came to fruition, plus - planting seeds is legal , it's the growing of the plants that is illegal (a small, but significant difference)

So, with Spring now in full swing (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), why not plant a few seeds in your ex's garden or window box.

Plus, growing plants helps combat greenhouse gases, so you'll be helping the environment as well!!!

Until the next time, happy planting

Jeremy - 2008-11-27 06:00:56

First off weed is not that easy to grow. Second not only is it illegal to plant weed it's illegal to have seeds. It is considered a felony to have more than one because now it's called manufacture which brings a bigger price to pay than just to be caught with less than 30 grams which is considered a misdemeanor in 48 states. The only way you could get away with this is to do it in Alaska where it's legal to have 2 plants per person for rec. use. But try growing weed outside in Alaska. Almost impossible. Bottom line don't do this one or you could end up paying for it instead of your ex. Be careful.

anonymous - 2009-02-03 09:40:10

I agree with Jeremy - Although it was a great way to catch a filthy drug dealer. I don't think pot is bad in most cases - I've known many people who used it medicinally. But Ryan was definately a bad person misusing - and got just desserts.

Paul Flippo - 2009-05-21 18:18:48

I'm 58 yrs old, and 30 years of that was doing drugs, i no longer do them, and by the grace of god i've never been in jail for any reason.
I took a baggie of seeds and poured then in a garden, not planting
them, and within 1 month they started growing. It will grow.
but lets get to the point, all laws change from one state to the next
but thats irrelvant, whats relevant is that when you get arrested
and your name is in there data base as a drug offender, from that
moment on any time you are out in your car and the police run a check
on your tag you will be red flaged as a drug offender. Then they have
the legal right to stop you and search your car. This is the same
thing they are doing with DUI offenders. laws have changed in every
state that gives the police authority to stop any one at any time,
day or night. Now think of your "mark", it does not matter that he got
off with a fine, because from that day on, he has a record of being
a drug user that will follow him for life. I have seen the devastation
this has done to people lives, please be careful and think long and
hard before doing something like this, I've seen people commit
suicide because they lost everything.

Miseramel - 2009-10-06 21:21:24

one count of possession/distribution of marijuana can be expunged from your record if you have no priors in almost every state .....
I think it's a brilliant idea even still! I knew someone who intentionally grew it and was a raging alcoholic but she judged other people by an entirely different standard. This is where I will leave out the excessive details though and get to the good part ...she drew her neighbors into an argument with her daughter and gossipped the daughters misconstrued and embellished business to these neighbors whom the daughter had other ties with .... and of course coming from this "Godly" woman and the salaciousness of the gossip - they believed her! The whole time, the woman has a grow house in back where she is growing hydo pot - and doing it pretty well, actually! About a year had passed without speaking between any of them when the daughter put her plan into effect .... and this is what she did ....
She purchased a subscription to High Times magazine in the mothers name but 'accidently' transposed the numbers in the street address to get delivered to the very same neighbors house ... by "mistake"!
Those neighbors took her her mail, of course ..... but never had the same relationship with her again .... and the daughter was once again recieved by the neighbor without it ever being spoken of again.

sasnak - 2009-10-27 03:11:53

ok, ok OK; but how does a person get
the seeds legally;
Luv the idea, there is a different way
to do this and be doing NOTHING wrong.

It is illegal to put salt on a person's
yard, kills the grass, but it is NOT
illegal, so I did some yardwork too
using fertilzer to spell out some words;
takes awhile fir it to show up but it
will bright dark green as compared to
the grass that didn't get the fertilzer,
such a shame, but nice revenge.
They couldn't mow it out, could not remove
it without making holes of dirt.

crestina tuting - 2010-05-02 13:22:59

its ok.. he deserve it the revenge so that he knows what i feels.. he hurted me.. but pls you help me i want him to ask me apologized then he can bent his knees.. he deserved it the revenges its not enough.. do wat ever you can for him.. thank you so much

crestina tuting - 2010-05-02 13:26:59

continue revenges to him.. i want to know what gonna happend to him the way he suffering..

crestina tuting - 2010-05-03 03:18:28

ok do it..

anon - 2010-07-02 16:49:53

sasnak are you in uk or us? in uk there are plenty of shops around and also online which sell the seeds and other stuff you need yet say its for entertainment purposes lol.

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