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Sue Your Ex AND The Home Wrecker Too

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How would you like to sue your ex or even the home-wrecker on TV?
Incredible as it is, it is now possible for you to sue your ex, or the person they went off with, for damages ñ whatís more, you can do all of this on TV.
Not only will you get the satisfaction of getting legal revenge and financial compensation ñ you also get to tell your side of the story on TV, so everyone will get to know what your ex has been up to!
I regularly receive enquiries about how to get money back from an ex and now, at last, there is a perfectly legal way to do this without expensive debt collection agency costs or legal bills.
Did your ex ìconî you into lending them money ? ñ if so, now you have an easy to access legal process to reclaim your money.
And what about the person who ìstoleî your partner? Surely they deserve to get punished!
Well, thanks to a relatively new law, you can now sue them as well!!!
The law is called ìAlienation of Affectionî and is a tort based legal action on wilful and malicious interference with marriage relations by a third party. The elements constituting the cause of action are wrongful conduct of the defendant, plaintiffís loss of affection or consortium of spouse, and a causal connection between the two.
In other words ñ the home wrecker can be held legally liable and punished accordingly ñ just what they deserve!!!
Now, not all states in the US recognise this law, but there are plenty who do ñ including Texas which is where the court will be televised.
Furthermore, and from my point of view, this is the best part ñ not only can you sue your ex or the home wrecker, you can do it all on TV. Millions of people will see you get your judgement in a real court and you can get to tell your side of the story and show your ex and/or the home wrecker for what they really are!
So, how do you go about doing this?
Itís simple ñ all you need to do is email your story and why you think you should sue to PGB207@AOL.COM

or alternatively, you can write to

Cristina's Court
PO Box 270298
Houston, TX 77277

or if you would prefer, you can phone Lisa on 713-353-1859
Lisa and her colleagues will then be able to assess your case and then take you through the process of suing your ex and/or home wrecker on TV.
They can then tell you more about the TV show itself ñ Cristinaís Court
I have to say, I think that televised legal action against your ex and the home wrecker is a fantastic and morally safe revenge tactic and I applaud the legal process for recognising the real damage that cheating partners inflict.

So go on, get in touch with the show, get the money you deserve and don;t forget to tell them that Nick sent you.

Catherine Gates - 2008-11-29 18:33:01

wow that sound fantastic!! If only they had that here in the UK, they both seem to get rewarded for what they have put myself and our son through

marian - 2009-08-23 06:45:49

doesn't the court have to abide by the laws of the state that you live in? I hope not. please let me know.

Diva - 2011-07-15 16:55:12

I agree with Catherine. What a pity we can't do that here in the UK. Still with my husband, but the whore he had an affair with deserves to suffer

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