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A Security Nightmare

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With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching (where HAS this year gone?!), you might want to try this particularly funny revenge tactic.

Your ex (or anyone else you don't like) will at some point go shopping and apart from not having enough money to pay at the checkout, what is the most embarrassing thing that can happen in a shop?

Yhep, you've guessed it - you set off the shoplifting alarm!

So, how exactly do you go about making alarms go off?

Well, when you next do your grocery shopping, buy something that has one of those thin metallic security strips in it - you know what I mean, they are about 2 inches long and look like a freezer-bag tie.

You tend to find them in higher value products such as hair oils, razor blades, seed packets etc.

Once you've got some, you need to get them onto your ex - either by "accidentally" bumping in to them when you are shopping, or, if you're better prepared - putting them inside jacket or trouser pockets, in the bottom of handbags etc.

Everyshop your ex goes into, they will then set of the alarms and as these tags are so small, it'll be almost impossible for them to find them.

Don't forget to follow your ex around as they go shopping!

wraith - 2009-01-02 03:47:50

i like it !
while your at it, if you can get the thing inside of her jacket or somewhere. slip a little zip lock bag of something white powder like.
maybe evn a small needle ?

anonymous - 2009-02-03 09:34:18

u could probably also buy those on ebay

Phil T - 2009-04-30 00:59:17

I'm not completely sure but I think those little things are demagnetized at the register when you buy item. The only way this could work is to use a magnet on it before planting it on them. Not even sure this will make it work.

sasnak - 2009-10-27 02:56:36

Actually; I had bought a notebook for
school with the metal in back, took the
notebook to school and it set off the
detectors there, so IDEA, undo a very
tiny bit of lining for a coat, and bingo
it sets everything off, and bec it was so
small was never found so the revenge
continued until he threw the coat away;
he never did, was his 'favorite' leather
one, shame he just can't wear it out
anymore ;)
Payback for him denying cheating on me
before I dumped him.

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