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Post Christmas Clean-up

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Happy New Year!

The other day I was clearing up after Christmas and generally organising my life - you know the kind of thing - throwing away old paperwork, putting unused items to one side for the charity shop etc.

Well, I don't about you, but I ended up with quite a lot of sacks and boxes to get rid of - more than the weekly refuse collection would accept. As a result, I had to take the rubbish to the local refuse point and on the way, dropped things off at the charity shop.

And I wasn't the only one - it seems that most of my town had the same idea.

As I'm always on the lookout for revenge opportunities, something sparked in my mind.

"If only there was someone who was prepared to do the collect both my rubbish and charity bags"

And do you know what?

There is someone . . . your ex!

As it happens, just after Christmas I was in a rather mischevious mood and so I did this to my ex, just for fun :-)

Using my PC and word processor I created a very small flyer (I got 3 to an A4 page). The flyer read:

Clearing Out After Christmas?

On behalf of St Mary's Church, we will collect
your rubbish and charity jumble for free.

Call Michelle on 07967 22**** to arrange collection

I then printed out 200 pages (600 flyers in all) and spent a nice afternoon delivering leaflets in the local area.

I don't know how many calls she got, but I do know that she ended up changing her cell phone!

And doubt forget - didn't your ex say that one of their New Year Resolutions was to do more for the community???

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