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Sugar Is Not Always Sweet!

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Pretty much everyone knows that if you put sugar in the petrol/gas tank of a car, then it really screws the engine up.

While this is a great way of getting revenge, it's also illegal - which is a shame!!!

However, making your victim THINK that their car has been sugared is completely legal and just as effective.

Obviously for this tactic to work, you need a nearly empty bag of sugar, some sticky tape, pen, paper and a small rag.

First off, you write a note (or print one out using your computer so your handwriting can't be recognised), saying something along the lines of:

"Warning: because you're such an asshole, sugar has been added to your petrol/gas tank. What you do next is up to you. You can either start your car and screw up your engine, or you can call a mechanic and get your tank drained. The choice is yours"

You'll then place this note on the window of their car, so that it's in full view.

Next, with your nearly empty bag of sugar, you sprinkle sugar around their fuel cap, and some on the floor.

Once you've done that, gently stick the empty sugar bag onto their car by the fuel cap - be careful here to not stick too hard. If they remove the sticky tape and the paintwork is damaged, then technically, it's illegal - use a decorators masking tape or a low-tack tape to do the job (definately not duct-tape!)

Finally, shove the small rag up their car's exhaust pipe, making sure it's a good snug fit and about 6 inches in.

Now, what happens next is all down to your victim.

They'll see your note and the sugar bag and will have to make a decision - to believe the note, or not.

If they believe the note and call out a mechanic, they're out of pocket.

If they don't believe the note and start their car, the rag up the exhaust pipe means that within a short while, their engine will misfire, stall and generally have a bad time - this will make your victim realise their mistake!!!

Not only will they call the mechanic out, they'll be panicking about the size of the garage bill for a new engine!

Ken House - 2009-02-24 22:13:44

Perfect Idea!!!

Ken House - 2009-02-24 22:15:17

But I can't get to her gas cap because the latch is controlled from the inside. :(

Phil T - 2009-04-30 00:54:26

yea, about all the latches are on the inside now. Wonder if a balloon would hold paint remover? That would be illegal and subject you to damages.

Heidi - 2009-09-14 01:09:01

If I did that to my ex, he'd put the sugar in himself and then have me arrested.

sasnak - 2009-10-27 02:43:18

I have a different thought,
don't know about how legal though.......
Oh Dannnnnnn.............

Take a can of sardines with oil; NOT mustard;
drain the oil off drom the sardines, throw
away the sardines; when it is cold outside,
pour the oil in the outside vents in the front
of the windshield, to the victim nothing is
wrong until the car warms up and smells 'fishy'.
I have had car specialists tell me that there
is no way to EVER remove the 'fishy' smell
except to buy a new car, and with the smell
in the old car, who is going to want to buy

Legal? or not??

HELEN - 2010-01-13 10:46:25

this sounds like a good idea but like ken said u cant get in to the tank but might b worth a bloody good go at it x

me - 2010-01-25 01:59:12

we use prawns here, same as shrimp there, just get all the heads and shells (as they are expensive and good to eat) and only use the scraps,heads etc.. put in an egg and soak in water in a jar for a week,preferably in the sun I am telling you this shit stinks! you can add that milk powder too it all helps to set the stink.

neeta - 2010-08-02 02:25:01

hey all you dumped guyz out there!need some solid help tactics wont ex lives in a different town.the arsehole dumped me over a text what kind of guy does that?i did not contact back but consumed the pain.he is an old, cold not even good looking bastard!i got hooked onto this old relic whereas i am told i am v good looking[no self praise here]n normally men find it hard to ignore me!i swear i was damn sweet,understanding n what have you with this old bastard.i spent time,money n god knows what not on him.i feel so jilted.i cant see that toadshit getting away scotfree,smelling like roses thinking he has been in control of our relationship till the end.he needs to pay!it was so hard to concentrate on my job for so many days.god bless my boss who was so understanding n i managed to get my work ethics back.meanwhile i do chant mantras at night which they say shall agitate his mind.dont get me wrong. i dont want him back but i want to make sure he learns his lesson n does not do it to any other girl/woman whatever.he'd jolly well respect women he is involved with whether he beds them or not!meanwhile here's wishing him a buffet [free] of curses that last from breakfast to dinner.if old obsolete redundant relics dump women this way then what to speak of real gorgeous hunks!?ny guarantees there!

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