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A New York surgeon who donated a kidney to his wife has gone to court to get it back after they split up.

Dr Richard Batista, 49, gave up the organ eight years ago when his wife Dawnell fell ill, reports the Daily Telegraph.

But he claims she repaid his kindness by having an affair before filing for divorce, and is demanding compensation for risking his life.

"There's no deeper pain you can ever express than to be betrayed by the person you devoted your life to," he told reporters.

His lawyer Dominic Barbara said he wanted $1.5 million in compensation for the kidney as part of a matrimonial break-up which has dragged on for three years.

"In theory we are asking for the return of the kidney. Of course, he wouldn't really ask for that, but the value of it. This has never been done before in the State of New York," said Mr Barbara.

Dr Batista volunteered to donate his kidney after he was found to be a suitable match.

"She was my wife. My first priority was to save her life and future of our children and hopefully with that in mind keep the marriage alive. To this day I would still do it again," he said.

His wife survived but their relationship did not and the doctor claimed his wife had an affair before filing for divorce in 2005. Mrs Batista's lawyer has made no comment.

Legal experts said the case was unlikely to succeed because donating an organ is considered a gift and cannot be bought or sold.

MRTAI - 2009-01-12 06:53:03


gary - 2009-01-12 10:15:25

There's more than one organ involved here....what about the "heart" of the man? Time to get some serious revenge here...good luck

anonymous - 2009-02-03 09:22:27

Laim - sorry but he's a loser for even saying something so stupid - no wonder she had an affair - he's an idiot.

Sorry - but it is many a woman that dedicates her heart soul and body to a man and goes through the labor of birthing a child only to have those fucking bastards say they aren't attracted to their wives now that the baby has arrived.

I'd like to see all those women get money for plastic surgery from those ingrates !!!!!!!!!!

anonymous - 2009-02-03 09:27:58

Continued from above : And let's not forget all the innocent children these same people discard like used luggage.

Daughters left wondering why Daddy is dating someone from her highschool and Mom's bitter and single for the rest of eternity.

Oh and how about that child support that never comes.

That doctor is heartbroken and that's sad - but he's rich - he can get antidepressants, take a vacation and buy a new Barbie.

I bet 8 years ago she really loved him - and there are 2 sides to every story and then there's the truth.....

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