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A Novel Use For Facebook

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Well, we've heard of - and in fact we've even recommend it - using Facebook to get revenge, but it seems this fellow decided to dump his wife online...


Wife dumped on Facebook

A wife has spoken of her humiliation after she became the first woman to be "divorced" on Facebook.

Emma Brady claims she only found out her six-year marriage was over when her husband posted a message on the social networking site.

It simply said: "Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady."

Emma, 39, only learned she was dumped when her best friend from Denmark phoned to see if she was OK, reports the Daily Mirror.

Mum-of-one Emma, of Blackburn, said: "We were like any other couple. We had our ups and downs but as far as I knew things were fine between us.

"When I got the phone call I was shell-shocked. My first instinct was to phone him but my friends at work insisted I should speak to him face to face. He acted like everything was fine.

"This whole thing has been terrible. It's been humiliating having everything happen so publicly."

carol - 2009-04-25 12:31:22

I have also employed facebook. After my husband left myself and our little girl with no warning I decided that some of his high flying colleauges might like to know. I messaged as many as I could find on facebook complete with wedding photos,telling the ones he had used as excuses that he had done this when he was actually screwing around. The never got back to me but apparently he had dozens of emails from people really pissed that he had named them as excuses for his philanderings.

Matthew - 2009-07-21 23:03:46

I have been dumped onlime too! Maybe not publicly but online! I think that it is a very cowardly way to end a relationship, so when I tried to confront her in person or over the phone she totally ignored me! The only way she had ever really expressed any feeling towards me has been via email and I cant understand what kind of a person does this sort of thing! It is very inmature to do that and a very chickenshit way to say it's ovr so. I did something like carol though I have a myspace account and all my sisters and friends are on there. They posted a whole lot of nasty comments about her on my page and then I made it public. Tit for tat, I felt it was the only way to get revenge because I know she has a addiction to those sights and thats all she does! So whenn she seen this all hell broke loose and her friends started emailing my friends saying I am a stalker/dangerouse/jealouse/drunk so on and so forth. It turned out really bad and I felt bad but she got what was coming!


putz - 2009-08-24 03:39:09

I did some comments on myspace and didnt mention any names and the B***h had the police call me to remove it. Then I did the same right back. My lawyer said not to do it can no mention of names be illegal? Just because they imply it could be someone?

jean - 2009-10-03 16:24:20

Yes my ex deleted his face book a couple of weeks before he walked out on 13 wk pregnant me! I think he was screwing around and knew his new bit on the side would probably see his status of being in a relationship with me.

I messaged a very honest and open (not ranting or slagging off) email to 11 of his friends via facebook. I didnt get a reply, but at least I got a chance to tell them my version of events and how ive been treated. Ive found since that he is nothing but a total fraud and liar. I was led on totally.

Miseramel - 2009-10-06 20:51:29

My ex was cheating on me over facebook - and blocked me from his account once I found out ..... but I needed information off of his profile in order to exact revenge ..... so I searched his graduating class on the internet for a name (a girls name) that wasn't currently signed up on facebook - created an email account and then the facebook account. And to appear authentic - I requested many of his graduating class as friends before I finally requested him as a friend..... he bought it and I currently reside as one of his "friends" on facebook .... although once I got the information I needed from his page - I haven't been back or checked that email account either!

lisa cunningham - 2009-10-08 12:47:12

My fiance of 9 years finished with a text and the next day while i was at work got a van and moved his stuff out. for two weeks he had me believe it was my fault and had asked to sort things out but changed his mind. I found out from friends and saw pictures of him and a younger girl on facebook. I text and he didnt reply. while this was going on i was pregnant and lost the baby he said the baby was probably not his. He denied seeing someone else i went on his facebook and saw that he had been telling her he loved her for at least 2 weeks before he left me. He had only known her for 3 weeks in his new job. He had the cheek to say i emotionally blackmailed him. his new girlfriend has recently payed me the money he owes me. she lives by my work and i keep seeing them together.

Leslie duncan - 2009-12-04 15:15:00

miseramel : I LOVE it,,, you are good! I'm gonna try that, but my ex is so stupid he probably doesn't know what Facebook is,,, he couldn't even figure out the "jitterbug" (the cell phone for seniors)

Lisa: Be glad he LEFT,,, my asshole ex still sleeps across the hall from me in MY house, he won't leave.

M. - 2009-12-14 10:07:06

Can you get legally in trouble if you write on facebook with details the affair of someone naming the misstress?

Eve - 2009-12-15 14:06:07

what do you do when your husband comes and tells you he is bi. and wants you to get a strap on

karma - 2010-01-07 16:24:40

my ex still hasn't chnaged any of his email or facebook passwords what an idiot...I may use it for eveil. i thought it would be funny to write somethign terrible and then changing hsi PW on FB and then his PW on the emaila ccoutn associated with it, but he is a huge pussy and would call the police on me, what an idiot.LOL

me - 2010-01-25 02:12:19

Unless you like the idea of the strap on get the strongest chilli in the world and rub it on it.. fuck him and run like hell!!

Angela - 2010-01-30 00:05:44

I think I am going to try that...

Occhi Blu - 2010-05-24 19:30:57

there's a skank who likes to leave all sorts of sexy comments, gifts and stickers on my boyfriend's page

she seems to disregard the fact that he has a girlfriend (me) and our photos are all over his page...

I know her name, address and phone number from my own detective work (I've also friended her on yearbook)... but I need some spiteful ideas on how to put the ho in her place...

I'm open for suggestions

Dani - 2010-05-29 22:19:15

I found out my bf was cheating when he uploaded a pic of his new gf to facebook after he had left my house early to get some sleep. I should also point out he knew I was pregnant a month before he even met her.

steve smith - 2010-08-04 20:25:31

my one left days after my father died.

James - 2010-08-07 22:55:05

Myu ex dumped me over facebook, the usual plattitudes and excuses, and then blocked me. Too bad, all I had to do was change my public name and now I can view her profile pic at least (the privacy settings prevent me from seeing more but...)

eddie - 2010-10-10 10:14:34

MY EX search blocked me from facebook. id love to see what shes doin. or who so i could send him the std proof and pics thaT I TOOK AND OTHERS SHES CHEAted with later gave me . (they assumed we were split up)

melanie - 2010-12-02 17:46:42

really easy to hack fb and hot mail as long as u no the answer to secret question for hotmail you can change password even if u dont no old one then fb will send you a pass code to change that password easy peasy !!

Jennifer - 2010-12-03 18:06:39

My ex got drunk and got violent in front of my 7 year old. When I moved out that same day he would not let me take my new furniture and ipad. Of course the cops were called and they said its civil and even though I had my reciepts I had to leave without my things. After the fact several of his ex girlfriends who now talk to each other contacted me and apparently he has abused and beat many of them. Same exact stories!!!

He is on facebook and is now bashin his ex (the one that told me about his past problems) and he wont return my furniture. He is such a douche bag!!!

Friend request him on facebook and post on his wall to stop abusing and stealing from women!!!!

Thanks everyone!!

Melissa - 2012-02-18 10:24:26

One month to the day I found out my father had died is when my exboyfriend Jason blindsidingly dumped me after almost 4 years together so he can hang out with his bandmate "friends" from Luna Rex- friends who never lifted a finger or spent a dime to help to help while he was unemployed for 2 1/2 years. I loved and supported him for almost 4 years and he lied and used me all with a sincere smile on his face while he was doing it. You can find on Jason Hermes on facebook as well as the band Luna Rex - please feel free to let them know how much they suck- Jason is their drummer (tell him know he looks like a creepy little pedophile). Thanks for your support

Peanuts - 2013-02-22 20:37:13

My Ex bf had been lying and cheating on me for months and months. He had been cheating on me with his previous ex Gf. The reason why they ended up breaking up was because she had been cheating on him for goodness knows how long with a Chinese guy called Dom who she met at work. She works at the airport. She then left my ex to drive off into the sunset with this Dom, dragging her kid along with her kicking and screaming.

My Ex then met me and lied about every single thing from day 1! We had been together nearly 2 years. In summer last year he had to go away with work for several weeks, and one day I received an email from this slut of an ex of his of an email that he had sent her. As you could imagine, my entire world had just been destroyed. For about 3/4 weeks, I kept on receiving the odd email from her with snippets of random emails they had been sending each other.

For four months I was screaming crying, was so horrendously ill and he wouldn't talk to me on the phone, wouldn't answer, wouldn't call back, not even a lousy txt message! We had just bought a house together and then this all came out! The stress and pain was unreal and the arsehole wouldn't even give me the respect of a phone call or even a lousy txt message. In one of these emails I got sent was train tickets that he had bought her for her to go and stay with him whilst he was working away! I spent four months throwing up.

I dropped him off at the train station because he was working away for a few weeks, and I never saw him again.

He was a lying, discusting, cheating, abusive spineless coward. Who left me in debt up to my eyeballs, having to go to the doctors for medication to help me cope, throwing up constantly and just abandoned me without a trace in the biggest most horrific mess on earth. All so he could get his kicks with his evil whore of an ex. They both nearly killed me.

He got away with everything, he's been as happy as larry with his whore and I want my revenge.

Dawn Butler - 2013-04-13 09:24:03

I loved my childhood sweetheart from the first moment we met I was 16 he was 19..we had a tiff and finished..he got married I moved away...35 years later his sister happens to see me on friends vut a long story short..he was getting a divorce and I was bored with my relationship..he was heavily into debt I was doing ok financially..i took my 14 yr old son and we moved house leaving my sons father,,Garry the childhood sweetheart...the love of my life eventually moved down still in debt..he tried numerous times to alienate me from my son and friends..told me repeatedly I was a fat ugly slag who needed a gastric band op...this was within weeks of me having major heart surgery...he tried to get money out of me and while I paid all the household bills rent ect he was paying for his daughters bills for the house she lived in with her boyfriend..he didn't give me a penny and spent any money he did have on buying presents for his daughter??? He hit me and mentally abused both me and my day he would tell me im like the Michelin tyre man and the next day he would buy me chocolate!! How sick is that...he was a compulsive liar and I got to the stage where I couldn't believe ANYTHING he said...most of the lies were to do with his daughter...I kicked him out twice but because I loved him I had him back much to my sons disgust...Last August a friend and me caught him redhanded with a woman he works with and he was still seeing me...he told me they were just friends...I went bonkers and had a stand up fight with him in our street and he denied it...we finished..2 months later my best friend died suddenly Garry came round told me to pull myself together and get on with it!! and then said he never wanted to see me again!! 2 days after my friend died.....he has now moved in with his girlfriend,the one I caught him with just down the road from me...I lay awake evry single night thinking of ways to get revenge on this total and utter arsehole...he is ok he has what he the saying "what goes around comes around" doesn't always work...I an now trying to get on with whats left of my life..thank you for reading..

cynthia - 2013-08-26 23:06:26

Fu*k these lame cheaters! Go to get a secret, new email, put up some fake(but realistic) attractive pics. Make a fake Facebook,(from public library in small town, no cameras) . Friend request single, horny friends of the cheater. Wait a few weeks, n be sure n write sexy posts. Obviously friend opposite sex first. One cane even make more fake same sex people to friend. Then, friend request the cheater. Lie low, for awhile. Then post a bunch of horrendous sh*t on his/her page!!! Remove ur fake account whenever! Lmfao!!! Good luck!

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