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Getting Revenge Using Classified Ads

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Classified advertisements in your free local newspapers are not very expensive and sometimes free they are a very good way to tarnish your exís squeaky clean image. For example, suppose you had a score to settle with the neighboursí from hell. You could make up a Classified Ad to ìsellî their car. Make the price attractive five to 600 hundred dollars/pounds less than market value for that make of car, instruct the prospective buyers to call after midnight (because you work shift work and this is the only time you are about), and explain in the ad that you are emigrating or moving house so quick cash is needed hence the price being bellow market value. This should attract enough interest to bring the calls coming thick and fast.

You could also put your exís house up for sale in Classified Ads. The same as before, ask the potential buyers to either call or visit at hours that will be very inconvenient to your ex.

The ìpersonal columnsî in your local free paper can also be a great source of fun. Maybe you could place an ad on behalf of your ex to advertise for ìyoung boy and girl models to pose for ëartí pictures.î You should use his/her home number or place of work number here for all the inquiry calls, whichever you think would cause more embarrassing for your ex. Personally I would use their bosses number so the calls go to them, then your ex will have some explaining to do to his/her employer.

Placing ads in your local free paper is easy. Most free local papers will let you do it over the phone or online, and from my experiences the ads are very rarely verified. Donít try to go overboard with the ad make it as realistic as possible. As with any prank, there has to be a credible amount of reality for this to work.

Although this does not fall into the bracket of classified advertisement, the little index-card notices that people put on ad boards in bars, supermarkets and other public places are also great ways to prank your ex. Just about anything you can find in your local free paper you will find on these personal notice boards. But there are also advantages doing this as they are often free, they donít cost anything the only cost is just your time and effort into preparing the card ad and posting it, also with this free prank you can be a bit more descriptive, and personal than you can with newspaper advertisements. People seem to stop and read these boards as they are normally placed in areas where you canít miss them, I know from personal experiences that this is really a good and annoying prank and cost nothing just a moment of your time.

The Queen - 2012-12-30 15:51:28

Please give us good advice on how to do this anonymously. Everything now days requires some sort of identification, ie. email, which can be traced back to the user.

Adrian - 2013-06-05 23:54:45

Google "10 minute email" -- there are disposable email addresses you can use specifically for registering...

cynthia - 2013-08-26 23:47:02

Once, at work, EVERYONE was sick of a ho ass girl bragging about her sex appeal, and her busty figure. Well, u know those stupid ads in flyers, craigslist, etc? We REPLIED to one in her name, and advised she only would meet at WORK(an airport car rental). Not two weeks later, A DISGUSTING, HORRIBLE man appears at our counter, asking for "Jeanette"!!! I just knew it was him!!! Needless to say, it was so fucking hard to feign innocence, and not to bust(haha) out laughing!!! Jeanette, raced home, and got written up for leaving, and using company stationery for personal use!!!!! So awesome! No more bragging!!!

rachel jones - 2016-04-26 04:25:11

Most of the online classified sites are free now. And it's not hard signing up for free webmail and using a fake signup name, In fact you can use the liar/cheaters name and then use it for all kinds of goodies to cause problems and annoyances. Best to use one that allows just an alternate email address(also fake) for password loss, etc. Also best done on public wifi.

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