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Why It Pays To Get Revenge

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One of the questions we get asked most often is "Why should I spend money to get revenge on my ex? They aren't worth it!"

And yet, when we talk to those who have got revenge, they tell us that they'd gladly spend thousands and that we're too cheap and getting revenge is worth every single penny.

This issue has been with us ever since we started our revenge websites back in 2004 and until recently we didn't know how we could scientifically answer it.

We know that by getting revenge, people regain control in their lives and are able to move on quicker. But how can that be quantified?

The answer came from a 2010 study by BUPA in the UK (they are the UK's largest private health organisation) who, after surveying 10,000 people established that the cost of a bad night's sleep cost 93 (US$ 143).

We all know that when your ex behaves like a complete asshole, you end up losing sleep - but just how much?

To answer this, we got 1,800 of your fellow members to participate in a study. I won't get all techie about the questions we asked, measurements we took etc etc as to be honest a lot of the information we are still processing, but please rest assured that our resident number nerd (Dan) spent over 15 years analysing statistical data for large financial instituions around the globe so he knows how to work out an average, establish control groups and statistical significance etc etc ... yhep, we fall asleep when he starts to speak !!! :-) :-)

In essence though, the 1,800 people were split into those who did get revenge (either by products/services offered by our site or doing their own thing) and those who did nothing except sign up to be a member of our site and fantasise about getting revenge.

In the non-revenge group, it transpired during the first month following the split, an average of 12 nights sleep was broken (a total of 56 hours). Using the BUPA study, this means that a staggering $1,947 (1,116) was "lost" due to their ex.

On top of this, the people in this group spent an average of $231 (150) on "sleep aids", such as alcohol, comfort food, medication (herbal and chemical) etc.

In simple terms, this means that their ex has cost them over $2,178 (1,266) in just the first month!!!

Seriously! Over $2,000 in a month!

This ignores the cost of joint debts, divorce, legal fees etc etc

So what about the group who did get revenge?

Well, this group spent an average of $72 (46) getting revenge on their ex through either our products/services or by doing their own thing.

And the result?

On average, this group lost an average of just 13 hours of sleep!!! That's less than a quarter compared to those who did not get revenge!

For those of you who are not number nerds like Dan (i.e. the majority of us!), this means that getting revenge saved them a whopping $1,317 ( 857)!!!

This is absolutely amazing!

Getting revenge means you get control, which means you can sleep, which means you are far more productive and healthy.

What is more, we have evidence that shows that by getting revenge on your ex, you are able to cause them sleepless nights (especially if you use our nuisance calls or time released SMS services) and so you cost them money as well!

If that's not a win-win then we don't know what is!

We are ecstacic about these results - they have confirmed exactly what we always believed, but never knew how to prove.

Our utmost thanks go to the 1,800 members who participated and of course, we have to thank our number nerd Dan for making sense of it all.

So, if you've ever questioned whether it is worth spending money to get revenge on your worthless ex, then we can categorically say to you "YES!!! Getting revenge is worth every single penny".

Which gives us one last question to ask - What is stopping you from getting revenge right now?

The Queen - 2012-12-18 19:32:44

Since I've started using your revenge tactics, I have smiled, laughed and slept more than I have in years. :) Instead of being down right pissed off all the time, which is bad for the cardiovascular and nervous system, I am happy. Laughter is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Thomas Williams - 2015-05-11 05:15:39

I should be doing this as well to a 6 foot psychotic son of a bitch for trying to destroy my friendship with my best friend

jim - 2016-03-21 16:11:46

I want those bastids to pay dearly

Charlemagne - 2018-12-21 21:15:02

I have been trying for my revenge to be legal but an "Investigator " really,really blew it ( long story). It would seem that within the confines of the law, there is No ( legal) justice even when they were handed the Smoking Gun. I seriously hate incompetence and I hate those people for what their doing to innocent people. One is a Lying bitch and whore, the other is grossly incompetent and last one is a greedy hypocrite, who I was told by senior staff that he tried to take advantage of 2 young women. Enough said ? any ideas ?

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