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How To Get Revenge With SMS Spam

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The other month I started to receive text messages from an injury claim company stating that I have 2,417 compensation due to me from a recent accident.

The thing is...I've not had an accident unless you count spilling a glass of JD & coke the other week, which, let's face it is not an accident - it's more like a cardinal sin!

Anyway, back to the SMS message. It basically said that all I had to do to claim my money was to reply to their message.

The thing is, I'm not that stupid (honest!) but my twisted mind did have an idea...what if I replied to the message using the fake sms service and use someone else's number?

Never one to let the opportunity of a revenge experiment pass, that's exactly what I did. Using the fake sms system that we offer, the only difficulty I had was in choosing which ex to pick on!

As it happens, I'm on speaking terms with one of my ex's and so I used her number. OK, I know it's cruel but I did have to see what happened otherwise I wouldn't be able to let you know about this really funny tactic.

So what happened I hear you ask?

Well the results were nothing short of spectacular if I'm honest :-)

It transpires that within 15 minutes of me replying to the text, my ex received a rather bullying sales call pretty much demanding that she sign up with them. When she said that she didn't have an accident, they then tried to sell her other compensation claim options such as missold insurance, medical negligence etc.

Eventually my ex hung up, thinking that was the end of the matter...except that it wasn't! In fact, the nightmare had only just begun!!!

During the 2 weeks following my test, she had received no fewer than 20 phone calls from various "we'll get your money back" type call centres and more than 50 text messages!!!

Obviously I haven't admitted to being behind this little scientific experiment and because I'm such a nice guy, she doesn't even suspect me!!!

So, how can you use this little tactic?

I'm not sure about other parts of the globe, but here are 3 numbers in the UK that will work:

For 2560 compensation for missold insurance, simply text the word INFO to 07511 328 083 (UK only)

If your ex wants 2009.34 in injury compensation, just text the word CLAIM to 07955 681 207 (UK only)

and finally, 2698.09 is still outstanding in my name for the accident I had. All I have to do is text the word CLAIM to 07840 108 385 (UK only)

By using our fake SMS service, just put your victims number as the caller ID and then choose which reward they deserve!

I'm not sure, but I'm pretty confident that it's not just the UK who get sent messages like this, so next time you get one, why not reply on your ex's behalf????

And if you are worried about this, then you can console yourself with the fact that you a "genuinely" helping your ex to get some money that they deserve ;-) !!!!!!

J - 2012-07-21 06:16:57

God love you for sharing this. The cost of the sms service is well fucking worth it.

PMSL - 2012-08-23 05:40:22

I actually work for one of these companies!

You're spot on!

Patsy - 2013-02-05 07:12:12

What does everybody think of this one?

Text a random question to 67999 and it will cost them £1.50!

Any good??

Sally - 2013-06-02 21:05:48

Anything like this in the US?

cynthia - 2013-08-26 23:37:23

How about calling community disease clinics in US (hope it works in UK) Make an appointment for the STD testing. Give your emimies #, n all info you have, including the "high risk" VD factor! Give home, cell and work #s, if available! Advise "you" work in sex industry. US counties MUST report this! They will contact @the missed appointment many times!!! Lmfao!!!

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