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They're A Bit Strange In Croatia

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Hmmmm - this one just begs the question "why?"


Hairy problem

A fed-up Croatian man is suing his ex - for blitzing him with postcards with bits of her hair stuck to them.

Ivo Mikesic asked a court in Zagreb to serve a restraining order on his besotted former girlfriend to stop her sending him the bizarre notes.

He said: "I got one and just thought it was really weird and tried to ignore it.

"But then the postman brought some more postcards with hair on them, and he was giving me some very funny looks. I am also dating another girl now and she thinks it's very disturbing so I decided to take action to keep my ex away from me, just in case.

"I have no idea why my ex is doing this but at the rate she is going she's going to have no hair left soon."

We really don't understand this at all - why send hair...unless it's from a bairy builder's sweaty backside :-)

Chris - 2009-05-15 11:05:45


Matthew - 2009-07-21 22:55:29

Thats just strange and very peculiar!

sasnak_kansas - 2009-10-27 02:12:15

I had an ex-husband complain about my hairy bush, so I did the same thing but in envelopes to his mother's address with my ex's name on them. He got the point and shut up about me.

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