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Love rat apologises after women he cheated on launch city-wide poster campaign branding him a 'cold heartless letch'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:58 PM on 27th January 2010

Lisa Hennessy

Revenge is sweet: Lisa Hennessy shamed her ex after discovering he had been unfaithful

A lothario who romanced two women at once has seen the error of his ways - 150 times.

Paul Marshall emerged from his house to find scores of pictures of himself plastered on lamp posts with a warning to 'single ladies' to beware his roving eye.

The posters branded the 40-year-old father of two a 'cold, heartless letch' and added: 'If he approaches you and tries to charm you into his bed run as fast as you can.'

More than 150 of the posters were put up near Mr Marshall's home, work and across the city of Southampton after his two girlfriends realised he had been cheating on them both.

The security driver had been romancing shop manager Lisa Hennessy, 44, for eight months. But he was also seeing his ex-girlfriend at the same time.

The women are said to have realised he was two-timing them thanks to a Facebook exchange on New Year's Day.

Furious, they decided to take revenge. Although he was not named on the poster, Mr Marshall was horrified at being labelled a cheat.

'I know I've done wrong, I know I've lied. I know I've been deceitful and I know I've hurt people,' he said.

'I do not feel good about that and unfortunately now I've had a reality check so I don't do that again.

'I would like to publicly apologise, not just to these two women, but to all the women I may have hurt over the years.

Paul Marshall poster campaign

Poster campaign: Paul Marshall was branded a letch on the warning notices posted around the city

'There are no reasons or excuses for it I suppose, just me not being able to say no and not being able to finish one thing before I started the other.' 

Among a litany of misdemeanors listed on the poster Mr Marshall was accused of giving one woman a cuddly toy with the slogan 'I love you this much' across the front. It had been given to him by the other girlfriend for Valentine's Day.

Paul Marshall

Love Rat: Paul Marshall apologised after posters began appearing on lamp posts, branding him 'cold and heartless'

Miss Hennessy, who had dreamed of a 'Disney wedding' with Mr Marshall, has received a police caution for her part in the poster campaign.

She said: 'When I found out he wasn't my Prince Charming but an ugly toad my whole world caved in.'

She said: 'I couldn't have wished to meet a more charming man.

'We even talked about one day getting married and having a Disney wedding.

'It was an absolutely perfect relationship.

'When I found out he wasn't my Prince Charming, but an ugly toad, my whole world caved in.'

Mr Marshall has now pledged to stay single for a while and said that, when he does meet his love match, he will be more open 'to avoid a similar mess'.

He said: 'The person I was when I was with Lisa or whoever wasn't any different to what I am like.

'I am the same warm, friendly, funny person. That has never changed.'

Angela - 2010-01-29 22:58:38

Kudos to you! I Love it! Great job getting back at a scum-sucking pig! You'll find your prince charming... :o)

crackerjackteeth - 2010-02-05 21:36:56

This camel nose, spiked hair jerk was totally not worth the drama and pain his caused you, but it sure as hell worked wonderfully for his lame sick and twisted behind.

paul mower - 2011-01-30 21:27:34

Great idea I know you feel better after getting your revenge, looking forward to mine.

Thomas Williams - 2015-03-16 13:39:32

I would like to bring someone down a peg or two as well

John - 2015-05-27 14:53:30

Hello World

ibragmlq - 2016-11-26 01:57:33


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