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How To Get Revenge :: Tart Cards

Tart Cards

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How To Get Revenge :: Tart Cards
One Of The Most Effective Revenge Tactics Ever!

We have had so much fun with this tactic over the years, and we know that everyone that we've helped with this revenge idea have also enjoyed fantastic results!

Just choose which 'Tart Card' you want and supply your ex's name and phone number and we'll then personally create a batch of these cards for you to distribute in phone boxes, toilets, bars and any public place.

Don't forget to send a couple to your ex's friends and family - do this and you can expose your ex's dirty part-time job!

Total and utter humiliation that's guaranteed to bring months of unwanted enquiries to your ex!

We really cannot over emphasise what a fantastic revenge tactic this is!

Price US $ 23.97

Use Your Ex's Photo

Simply upload a picture of your ex, supply the caption and we'll create a pack of 25 fully personalised tart cards on it!    

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